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PRcision Launches Virtual Home Kits: The Next Generation of Virtual Home Tours

(PRWEB) May 12, 2010 -- PRcision, a public relations, marketing, and promotions firm, launches the most advanced tool available to showcase and sell or rent homes. Virtual Home Kits are the next step in the virtual home tour arena, and are completely customizable to service every segment of the market including builders, real estate agents, renters, and those selling by owner.

"The industry is flooded with virtual tours, but the fact is that most of these are merely spinning cameras set to music, and it's time to evolve," said Anthony Rapacciuolo, CEO of both PRcision and Virtual Home Kits. "Our tool offers more than the alternatives in the market and allows people to take the same tour they would receive in person from the comfort of their home 24 hours a day 7 days a week."

"The company recently created a virtual home kit ( for one of my properties," said Ann Grande, Staten Island's top realtor from the island's largest brokerage firm Robert DeFalco Realty. "I now have a virtual open house that buyers can access whenever they like, and since I lead the video tour, people get the same tour they would if they came to see it in person. I am not only branding myself and increasing my business, but saving time and offering my clients extreme value. This is the future real estate marketing."

In addition to being used by realtors, the company has also worked with a home builder in Ohio and created a custom kit profiling one of the 60 units available in a condominium community in Lancaster. "The tool is a great asset for builders," said Karen Cook, consultant for Ohio based Rockford Homes. "I can use the one kit to sell all of the units in this development, and we've already sold one. The team also built a custom website for me to list all of my other developments, and I must say that my virtual home tour ( is more user-friendly and interactive than other options we've used in the past."

Last month, the Virtual Home Kit team traveled to the Hamptons, New York, to profile a multimillion dollar rental mansion. “I rent my Hamptons estate every year, and the first place people look to rent is online. My home kit will sell for me 24/7 year after year, save me thousands in seasonal agent commission fees, and increases my customer base since interested parties can be located anywhere and still virtually tour my property." said Brett Prescott, one of the owners of the estate. "They were extremely professional, well organized, and knew exactly how to portray my estate in my virtual tour ("

The company also prides itself on servicing the often overlooked for sale by owner market. "In today's economy, I'm faced with getting less money than my home is worth to begin with," said homeowner Nicholas Moccia. "Then on top of that, I'll get hit with a commission fee from a realtor. Creating a Virtual Home Kit literally saved me tens of thousands of dollars in commission fees since the company doesn't charge any, and has given me the power to act as my own agent."

Mr. Rapacciuolo was recently asked to present his new company at an entrepreneurial round table hosted by Ms. Sramana Mitra, renowned author, CEO, and columnist for Forbes. The purpose of the event was for start-up companies to discuss their service and business model, and then receive feedback from Ms. Mitra and others as to whether it is economically viable or not. "It's a great concept," said Ms. Mitra. "I give it a thumbs up as a cash business."

"I am very humbled by the feedback we have received since our launch," said Mr. Rapacciuolo. "We look forward to helping each segment of the real estate industry market more effectively."

For More Information about the company please visit: Http:// ( or call (646) 43-HOMES

For More Information about PRcision, please visit: Http:// ( or call (718) 490-5023


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