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Radio Dash Kit For Chrysler Grand Voyager

The base model was first launched as Plymouth voyager in year 1974 which was introduced as 'magic wagon' to the market meaning its similar to station wagon, the difference is it had more room space and removable seats.

Comparing GRAND VOYAGER minivan with normal voyager it was long both in length and wheelbase, and has more trunk space. The engine model was constantly improvised in the subsequent years which mark the main difference between both the cars otherwise the two vehicles would have been the same.

Three generations of voyager had been released during the year 1988-2001, where the Generation 1 voyagers for the year 1984-1990 showed a remarkable change in its interiors and looks, cars was manufactured with three trim level, lower base, middle SE and high LE. All the generation 1 cars had 5 passenger seating capacity, with two in front and three in back, seven seating capacity were introduced in early years for high end SE/LE models. With two in front, middle two and three in rear. The generation 1 cars showed a remarkable upgrades in engine which offered a variety of capacity from 2.2L to 3.0L, with horse power ranging from 96hp to 150hp,even turbo charged engines were seen in market.

Generation 2 voyager during the year 1991-1995 saw a great change in its appearances with aerodynamic design and sporty looks in higher end, Three categories were launched standard SE, mid end LE, and high end LX were available in the market, sporty features like alloy wheels, fog lamps, increase in performance , central locking where seen in all high end models. The interiors were also changed greatly with compromising look, the second generation voyagers aimed at reducing the production cost and it was a great success than expected. Generation 2 voyagers also saw improvements in safety features like Air bag, Anti braking system with the development of technologies. So, the engines were also upgraded capacity increasing from 3.0L to 3.8L, engine with horse power as high as 165hp were also launched, but production of vehicle with turbo accelerator was stopped during these years.

Generation 3 voyager during the year 1996-2001 introduced automatic transmission, easy out roller seats and sliding doors. More sleek and compact types of voyager with 5 seating capacity, drastic change in exterior and more sophisticated interior models were produced, they were released only has standard and mid end SE types, the sporty model LX types were not produced, the generation 3 similar to generation 2 were welcomed by the majority of people which showed increased manufacturing and selling rate. Four wheel drives were also introduced during the year 1997, engines were upgraded to meet the requirements and performance, horse power was increased to 180hp.

The radio dash kit was a good feature. It supported the radio, and also had four speakers which were put up in the even in the rear. The customer could get radio dash kits in same textures as those of the inside of the car. It was available with adaptors. The purpose of adaptors is to alter the apertures of the dash board for the radio and for playing CD.

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